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Phil and Ruth Robinson

Phil and Ruth are two incredibly devoted people, passionate about sharing the Gospel to all corners of the Philippines and to the ends of the earth. Phil and Ruth have been missionaries with One Mission Society New Zealand since 2015, after Ruth's parents (Rely and Lalaine) became partners with us in 2009. Read below how they serve around the Philippines and how you can get involved in their ministry! 

If you would like to get in touch with them personally, email them at



Jesus Christian Ministry in Malolos

Jesus Christian Ministry (JCM) is Phil and Ruth's home church, started by Ruth's parents, Rely and Lalaine Samonte. Phil and Ruth both preach and minister in the church, encouraging and training the congregation to go and share the Gospel with those around them. 


Practical Village Outreaches

Phil and Ruth travel often to other villages around the Philippines, primarily in San Teodoro and Bulalacao. They assist in building and maintenance projects such as building churches, dorms for students, and digging wells (pictured here). We work with Phil and Ruth to send teams on short term mission trips from New Zealand, to help in these projects and to share in the growth of what God is doing in these villages. 



Ministry Village Outreaches

On trips to the villages, Phil, Ruth, and their team will teach and share in the local churches, encouraging the members in their walk with God and their journey of faith. For those who don't attend church, they will visit people in their homes to encourage and pray for them around the village. Providing for needs is a big part of this ministry also, distributing food and clothing to those in the community.


Child/Student Sponsorship

Phil and Ruth organise the sponsorship of many children in the villages they minister in. The Filipino pictured here (Dona) was the first in her village to graduate high school, and then graduate university with a Bachelor of Teaching. Glory to God for her sponsors who have been able to visit the Philippines many times, to support and encourage Dona on her journey.



Training and Encouragement

As Phil and Ruth grow in their faith and leadership, they have been able to be encouraged and trained themselves. They have connected well with other OMS ministries and organisations that have been vital in providing support for each other. We're excited to see these relationships grow further for the Kingdom!

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