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About Us

Since our founding in 1901, OMS has been guided by the belief that the most effective way to spread the Gospel is by training a nation's sons and daughters, enabling them to multiply believers and churches in their homelands. To accomplish this, OMS engages the one to reach the many, multiplying disciples, churches, and leaders around the world. 


Our Story

In 1901, amidst the bustling streets of Chicago, two telegraph operators received a divine calling.​ Their hearts were set ablaze with a mission to reach Japan with the message of Christ. This marked the beginning of a journey that would extend far beyond their wildest dreams, planting the seeds of a global movement.


​What started as a whisper in Japan soon echoed across continents. Over the decades, this mission grew, reaching over 70 countries, speaking in 145 languages, and enabling countless projects that has changed lives. Our 120+ year legacy is a beautiful combination of faith, resilience, and transformation, weaving together stories from every corner of the globe.​

Our Four Fold Mission






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