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Ministry Insights: Village Outreach in the Philippines

Installing solar lights in a Filipino village

“Join me, everyone! Let’s praise the Lord together. Let’s make Him famous! Let’s make His name glorious to all!” Psalm 34:3 (TPT).

In the Philippines, on the Island of Mindoro, the Mangyan people lived out their days as squatters on the land. They had no toilets, no electricity, their water came from a well on top of the hill, and many of the children helped their parents work instead of getting an education.

In 2009, Pastors Rely and Lalaine Samonte (Pastors of Jesus Christian Ministry Church in Malolos, Philippines) had a divine encounter with the Chief of the Mangyan tribe. They had a great desire to plant a church in this village and give the community hope. That same year, OMS New Zealand partnered with Rely and Lalaine and embarked on a life-changing journey.

15 years later, the Mangyan community are living with hope and are thriving! Their church continues to grow each year, bringing the good problem of needing to extend the church building. They now have running water in their homes, electricity through the village, toilet blocks, and a daycare building in their community. Children are now being sponsored and are able to attend school. In 2018, this village celebrated Dona who was the first in the community to graduate high school! Then in 2023, she was the first to graduate university by completing a Bachelor of Special Needs Education! Many other young people have followed Dona’s inspiring educational journey and are achieving well in school too.

This community is a real testament to the goodness of God. They now have a strong faith, with many in the community being reborn and baptised over the years. Ps Rely and his team travel often to the village to support and train the Mangyan people. Because of this, many in the community have risen into leadership positions and are now beginning to take the Gospel into neighbouring villages.

It has been a privilege for us at OMS NZ to take teams to the Philippines on short term trips, and share in this amazing ministry. It’s been an incredible 15 years and we look forward to many more in the future as God is far from done with the Mangyan people, especially as opportunities open up to minister in other villages.

We encourage you to join us on a trip to work in a village outreach in the Philippines. It will challenge and grow you in so many areas, and as you say yes to God, He will bless and reward you in ways you can’t even imagine! Come with us and utilise your unique gifting in partnership with our Filipino friends!

Send us a message for more information!

Originally written 24 June 2019.

Revised March 2024.

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